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Alexandre M. 1st year masters G.BS.

Founded by specialists in higher education and the video game industry, G.BS’s objective is to train tomorrow’s leaders in business and video gaming, in esports and more broadly in new technology.


    G.BS’s objective is to accompany students in making their passion a future career and to train the great young professionals that the video game industry needs. G.BS was conceived hand in hand with industry leaders in order to put the employability of its students at the heart of its pedagogical approach. For over a year we have met with a wide range of businesses of all specialities and sizes. Our objectives were to understand their recruitment needs, gather their feedback and involve them in the creation of G.BS. Representatives of more than 100 businesses visit and teach G.BS students throughout the year.

    Our objective is simple, we create close and reinforced ties between future employers and our students and in order to make their search for employment easier and for it to occur within the best possible conditions.

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    The goal of education today is no longer only acquiring knowledge, but also, and most importantly, skills. With this requirement comes the ability to work in teams, on complicated projects that require a great deal of individual and collective investment. Seeking to acquire these competencies allows our students to develop operational skills and develop sustainable employability and permanent adaptability.

    Each year our students undertake 20 professionalising projects supported by teachers who are industry professionals. At the end of their education, thanks to these various projects, they will have a concrete skill set that will make them stand out to employers.

    At Gaming Business School, classic passive learning is finished. We invite you to experience anew the pleasure of learning, creating, being active and crafting your own future!

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    The video game industry is one of the most innovative industries, whether it be in terms of usage or equipment (virtual reality, cloud gaming, streaming, etc.). The jobs within it are often highly technical.

    G.BS adapted it pedagogy daily to these new innovations.

    Due to this, our students have skill sets that allow them to quickly master these new technologies, no matter the sector in which they end up working.

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G.BS is a school on a human scale, supervised by experts in higher education.

Valérie Dmitrovic
Headmistress of Gaming Campus

Valérie Dmitrovic has had experience of leading a business school in Lyon, and then was the National Director of Pedagogical Innovation and Development for 7 campuses at the heart of a higher education group. A woman of conviction and experienced in the field, she defends active and project-based pedagogies, as well as interdisciplinarity.

Karen Lo Pinto
Head of G.BS coordination

Karen Lo Pinto worked for 10 years in a private higher education group. She first worked on pedagogical coordination efforts, and then worked as Business Relations Manager, and now accompanies each student in the construction of his or her professional project.

The steering committee

The Steering Committee of Gaming Business School, composed of professionals, brings its members experience and reflection to the management of the school. This is in order to constantly adapt our educational and developmental strategy to best suit the needs of recruiters.

Some of our teachers

G.BS – A Gaming Campus School

Created by video game and education professionals, Gaming Campus is a unique place which reveals talents and develops skills. G.B.S is located on Gaming Campus alongside Gaming Academy, Gaming Guru and Businesses. The multiple specialities of the students and the professionals present on campus create daily unique synergies.