“International Culture”
Internationalism from the first year

Video game markets are inherently global. That is why we have created a pedagogical programme that opens our student up to the world from their 1st year.

Matthieu Dallon (Trust esport) in a masterclass with G.BS students.

95% of the video game market is outside of France. With the International Culture programme, G.BS trains you to be future managers with the ability to express yourselves throughout the world, privileged with intercultural skills.

Pedagogical progression programme
"International Culture" :
Year 1In-depth study
of a region of a country
Year 2In-depth study
of a secondary region of a country
and an initiation
into a new language
Year 3Geopolitics
Year 4Interculturel
Year 5International group management
with a focus on
intercultural communication
and communication
by distance
Those students who volunteer can take part in Learnings Trips ASIA.
  • Asia learning trip

    China : Discover esport in China, observe the rapid development and the innovations of a country that is the world’s biggest video-game market.

    Japan : Travel to the country of video games, to discover the ages-old rich culture and fascinating for all those who love manga.

    South Korea: A pioneering country in which esport is a well known and recognised sport. Travel to the heart of one of the most connected countries in the world, where since the 2000’s, video games have been built up to be a high level sporting discipline.

  • Study session in Montreal: 3rd Year

    A world leader in the video game industry, Canada has placed itself as the world’s third largest video game development and technological  hub, after Japan and the United States.

    Two months, one project, meetings with video game and esport industry professionals: the Quebecois welcome as we know it!


As the understanding of a culture is also transmitted through the understanding of the language, and because it's a bonus to understand the languages of countries with whom we have relationships, we offer classes in Japanese, Korean, Chinese Mandarin and other European languages.