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Romain M. 1st year master’s degree G.BS.


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Core modules

Discover the outline of this two-year master’s degree in video game and esport management. It is composed of core programmes, applied teaching and specialised modules. The content below is not exhaustive.

Optional modules

Additional to these four modules, you will choose from 3 specialised master’s pathways: Marketing, communication and digital transformation of video games / Entrepreneurship, project management and video game innovation / Esports management.

The 2nd year of the master’s degree is offered through a sandwich course (via a professional training contract) or through a dual education system in parallel with an internship or a fixed-term work contract.

Our DNA: Project-based learning

The entirety of the teaching methods here at G.BS are based on the fulfilment of concrete projects. This is what we call project-based learning. You will learn to work on real projects, individually or with a group, all the while being coached by an industry professional. These projects will serve as a springboard in your search for an internship for your 1st job. Examples of these projects for the masters of video game and esports management:

The pedagogical team Teachers stories

  • Karen Lo Pinto

    Responsable Pédagogique

  • Valérie Dmitrovic

    Directrice Générale Gaming Campus

  • Therry Debarnot

    Président Gaming Campus

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The gaming and digital arts sectors are growing rapidly, in France as well as abroad. They offer great career prospects for young passionate graduates especially those who are specialised and ready for the positions. We will guide you in the construction of your chosen career path, every step of the way.

After your Master’s degree in Video Games and Esports, you will be capable of working in the heart of various business of international scale: studios of video games, of serious games, of mobile games, of interactive productions; businesses in the Esports sector; digital communication agencies, multi-media creation studios; oversight departments, innovation or new media of TV channels or software developers and interactive marketing consultancies.

Romain M. 1st year master G. Business School
Romain M. 1st year master G. Business School

Management, Project Management and Innovation

These are the “Conductors” of the production in different innovative technological video-game domains.

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Production director / Executive Producer / Studio Director

They guarantee the execution of the business strategy and the smooth functioning of projects.

Project Manager / Producer / Innovation Project Manager / Mobile or Web Project Manager

They pilot and coordinate the activities and the teams as part of the project. They guarantee the balance between cost/quality/deadlines.

Associate producer

They are charged with a specific part of the project (for example menu production or sound production). They prioritise tasks, identify risks, and find concrete solutions.

Assistant Project Manager/ Junior Project Manager

They assist the Project Manager in the management of the project.

Project coordinator

They are in charge of delivering key milestones. They often coordinate the teams of different studios, sometimes spread over different countries. They enforce timetables, good communications skills and control deliverables.


They intervene at the end of production to ensure the delivery of the game to the deadline, whilst maximising quality.

Associate Line Producer / Line Producer

They help the development teams achieve their objectives throughout the production cycles, using a Stage Gate Process. They advise their producers on the methods of production, and anticipate risks. The equally ensure the link between the first parties (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) for distribution of the game on their platforms.

Creative Technologist AKA Innovation Designer

They are the opposite of a specialist and embody the new order of jobs that are breaking down the barriers between the digital/cult and technological and creative skills in the marketing and communication sectors. They look to invent new solutions and to innovate.

Game Director

They are the guarantor of all creative aspects of the game, and supervise the creative vision. It is before all else a creative role. They are responsible for the vision of the game and for the quality of the content (originality, variety and balance). The gateways to this type of career path are possible but generally one must initially become a Game Designer. It could be envisages in the framework of a joint degree (Game Design and Management).

Marketing, Digital Marketing and Product Management

They know the desires of the consumer, and anticipate the evolution of these desires.

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Marketing Director

They design marketing plans (market research, target determining, action plans, choice of advertising methods, etc.) and put into place actions which are destined to develop the sale of products.

User Acquisition Manager

They are tasked with identifying and establishing acquisition strategies for the portfolio, based on paid or free levers.

Product Manager / Line Producer

They manage a product in its whole, from its conception to the end of its lifecycle.

Brand Manager

They manage and develop the notoriety of one of more products through various media, respecting the media strategy of the business.

Traffic Manager / Web Analytics Manager

They are tasked with the management and organisation of advertising campaigns and spaces online. They optimise traffic acquisition to generate a maximum amount of traffic and sales revenue.

Monetisation Manager

They create a new business model around game, its content and service to maximise acquisition, retention and monetisation.

Live Operations Manager / Live Producer / Operations Manager

They oversee the maintenance team for online games (PC, mobile or console), they create and manage promotions and special events for each product. For some companies, the Live Producer is consider a part of the production department.

Communications, Editorial, Events and Public Relations

People in communication based jobs are responsible for the relationships of a company, brand, or celebrity with its audience. This can be internally or externally and indirectly or directly.

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Community Manager

They analyse, host, unite and loyalise a community around a product.

Social Media Manager

They conceive and deploy social media communication strategy.

Video Content

They participate in the elaboration of video content in response to the needs of all marketing departments (PR, Product Marketing and Digital Marketing).

Public Relations Manager

They are responsible for promoting the reputation of their company.

Business Development, e-Commerce

They develop and put into place strategies to find new development possibilities in direct or indirect ways.

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Business Developer

Their responsibility is to develop new development possibilities and is notably in charge of game or service sales to publishers or partners.

Key Account Manager

Commercial Managers in charge of large client accounts, they manage relationships with large distribution companies in order to develop their sales revenue and profitability.

Online Sales Manager

They work in tight collaboration with the marketing team to increase sales volumes and annual revenues online.

New jobs linked to the Esports sector

Esports is defined as the competitive practice of video games. It is a growing sector that everyday gathers millions of fans around huge international competitions. We will educate you to the needs of the Esports market which lead to three main job types:

    • Business/Commercial: Business Developer, Rights Acquirer, Budget Manager, HR Manager.
    • Marketing: Product Manager, Partnership/Sponsorship Manager, Brand Manager.
    • Communication, Event Planning: Community Manager, PR Manager, Press Attaché, Assistant Events Organiser, Events Organiser Project Manager, Esports Athletes Manager
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Sponsorship Manager

They put various partnership strategies into place with businesses to finance development projects for budding athletes.

Esports Manager

The role of an Esports Manager varies largely depending on structures, professional or nonprofit. Their tasks (ideally) are to watch over all logistics of their team (training timetables, daily life, ticket reservation, tournament reservation, etc.) as well as the mental and physical wellbeing of the players. They occasionally participate in the scouting and recruitment of players depending on their competencies in the game, but also outside: capacity to collaborate, identification of leadership and creativity.

Esports Blog Manager

They publish information to news outlets, websites or blogs dedicated to Esports. The role of the journalist is to investigate current affairs or to create original content, to participate in storytelling within the Esports ecosystem, to go out into the field, to take notes, to interview and to write up articles.

Esports Commentator

They commentate of matches broadcast on Twitch, Youtube, by LAN or other broadcasting supports. The role of the commentator is both to animate matches by creating emotion in the viewers, and providing an analysis of the play in order for the public to understand. For this job, a good knowledge of the game is needed, as well as ease of public speaking and experience of the entertainment industry.

Supply Chain

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Manufacturing Manager

They are responsible for the production of all physical products: retail games, goodies, merchandising.

Operations Manager

They coordinate the operations linked to orders and stock.

More video game industry jobs with the SNJV The National Syndicate of Video Games has listed all jobs relating to the sector:

The National Syndicate of Video Games has listed all jobs relating to the sector: http://snjv.org/publications/


Integration into the 1st year of masters (after G.BS bachelor’s degree or a bac+3) and in 2nd year (after a bac+4).

Admissions procedure

The admission to the masters of video game and esport Management is done through an application dossier (verification of prerequisites, skills and competencies and of the desired career path) and an interview. A part of this interview may be conducted in English. You should fill in the application form directly on the school website. You will then be contacted by our admissions counsellor to set a date for an interview. Depending on the quality of your application, you will either be: not admitted / waitlisted / admitted.

Integration into the 1st year of the master’s degree: Approved Bac+3 ideally in the following subjects: video games, management, commerce, communication, web and multimedia, IT, design or engineering.

Integration into the 2rd year: Approved Bac+4 in the above domains.

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To finance your master’s degree there are multiple options:

Tuition fees:

Tuition fees are 8750€ per year for postgraduates enrolling in the 2020-2021 school year. The payment can be made in 1 or 3 instalments. Instalments of 10 are possible upon demand. Stopping your studies for extenuating circumstances (serious illness or disability, accident, the death of a close relative) will end the instalments.

Pre-enrolment fee 650 €
Single payment for one year of the master's degree 8 100 €
Bank transfer of three instalments for one year of the Bachelor's degree 3 x 2 800 €
Bank transfer of three instalments for one year of the Bachelor's degree

Crédit Mutuel is G.B.S's major banking partner. You can, therefore, obtain special conditions for your student loan as well as a special client relationship. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


In each year of your Bachelor's degree, you will have to undertake an internship. This will be a paid internship. The pedagogical team will help you to find an internship and to negotiate your pay.

Campus Jobs

Small jobs to develop the campus are sometimes proposed. The pedagogical team will also share part-time jobs available near the campus.

Video Game Coaching

As a student of G.B.S, you have facilitated access to the Gaming School platform to coach players for pay. Find out more →

Help from your town

Enquire whether you might qualify for RME from your town of residence or that of your parents. Not all towns provide RME. RME is provided by CCAS (the Community Centre for Social Action).

Help from your department

For scholarship students, General Counsels provide annual scholarships or interest-free loans.

Search for housing

We, and our partner housing network, will help you find housing. We have close links to the nearby student residences around campus.


You will find the majority of the answers to your questions
on our site, but we have included an FAQ below.

Can I apply to the master's degree in Video Game and Esport Management through admission by record ?

Yes, with an undergraduate degree to Bac+3 level for the first year of the master’s, especially for those candidates with an undergraduate degree linked to new technologies or business. You can apply to the second year of the master’s degree with a validated Bac+4. See the admissions requirements for G.BS. →

When is the deadline for admission ?

Admissions are open from the 2nd of October until the month of June. See the admissions requirements for G.BS. See the admissions requirements for G.BS. →

Is the master's degree available via a sandwich course ?

Yes, you may complete the second year of your master’s degree through a professional training contract or through a program which alternates your studies with an internship. In the first year of the master’s you will complete an internship of a minimum of 6 months.

Is a good knowledge of English necessary ?

Yes, at master’s level you should have a very good level of English because the video game industry is by nature international. All of your project presentations will be given with English materials. You will also have the freedom to perfect your English thanks to small group classes given by native speakers.

Do I have to apply to the master's degree through ParcourSup ?

You can freely apply to the master’s degree in Video Game and Esport Management without going through ParcourSup. By choice, many private higher education institutions manage their admissions process outside of ParcourSup. According to Letudiant, more than 9000 post Bac courses are available outside of ParcourSup, compared with 13000 through ParcourSup (Source). The most well-known are Sciences Po, Political Studies institutes, and Paris-Dauphine University. We have equally made this choice.

What is the typical profile of a G.B.S master's degree student ?

Our students are passionate about new technologies and have a very good academic level. They have, evidently, an appetite for the video game sectors and for virtual worlds. The majority of candidates accepted on record come from business or engineering schools. We also welcome those with atypical profiles who stand out through their video game industry-based career plans.

Where is Gaming Campus ?

Gaming Campus is located in France, in the city centre of Lyon. See us on a map on the “Campus” page. →

What is the price of one year of the G.B.S Master's degree ?

One year of the G.B.S Bachelor’s degree costs 8750€ TTC.

Are there open days dedicated to the G.B.S Master's degree ?

Yes! We organise information meetings at our campus in Lyon. These meetings are available on a sign-up only basis. We regularly add new dates See the next dates and sign up here. →

Is accommodation included in the fees ?

No, you will have to find your own accommodation. We can help you find accommodation through many student residences near to the school.

Is G.BS a state recognised degree ?

Yes, our institution is declared through the Local Education Authority of Lyon. Our diplomas are in the process of being recognised by the RNCP, which is a procedure which takes a number of months for new diplomas.

Can I speak with a current student of G.BS ?

Yes, through our information evenings (see the upcoming dates and sign up →). You can also read the “stories” of our students .

For any question , you can contact us by filling this form

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