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What prerequisites are necessary to enrol at G.BS?

We will study the academic record of your child and any other elements that show their motivation and interest in the gaming sector. Then, if they are accepted, it will become our responsibility to and expectantly and confidently educate them to develop their passion and employability.
See the admissions requirements for G.B.S →

Which courses does G.BS offer?

Gaming Business School is a management school offering both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It trains students for jobs in the video game industry, and more generally in interactive technological media.

The goal is to give your child the bases of business, (which can also apply to other sectors) and to apply them to the video game industry. They will obtain the perfect employment profile for the video gaming sector but will also be able to work in other sectors by pushing their business skills and their application in an innovative industry.

In which year can you join G.BS?

– In 1st year (with a general or technological BAC (specialisations in S, L, ES, STI2D, STD2A, STMG, etc.) Also possible at bac+1 with the goal of reorientation.

– In 2nd year (Dependant on the validation of the first year of a higher education degree)

In 3rd year (after DUT, BTS, or the validation of the second year of a higher education degree)

– In 4th year after a bachelor’s degree or the validation of the third year if a higher education degree.

We invite you to read the admissions procedure →.

At what age can you join G.BS?

It is possible to enrol in G.BS after you have obtained a high school diploma (Bac)

Which job prospects does the video game sector offer?

The employment possibilities are varied also depend on your child’s profile. The gaming and technological arts sectors are rapidly growing, in France as well as abroad. The offer excellent future prospects for young passionate graduates, especially those who are specialised and ready for the workplace.

For example, the video game industry represented 108.4 billon dollars of turnover in 2017 for 16% growth (source Super Data report 2017). It is the world’s biggest entertainment industry. In France, according to the SNJV (National Syndicate of Video Games) the video game sector should create between 1200 and 1500 new jobs (see the article in Les Echos – in French). We invite you to consult the barometer of the video game sector created by the SNJV.

We can group these careers into 3 main subjects, responding to the aspirations of each student. We will guide your child in each step of the development of their career pathway in whichever of the three categories they choose: project and innovation management careers, marketing and digital marketing careers, communication and editorial careers, event creation careers, PR and influencer careers, commerce and e-commerce development careers, supply chain careers, esports careers and not forgetting entrepreneurial careers. Find out more with our list of careers available after our bachelor’s degree, and our list of careers available after our master’s degree.

Your child will be able to work at the heart of various international scale businesses,studios of video games, of serious games, of mobile games, of interactive productions; businesses in the Esports sector; digital communication agencies, multi-media creation studios; oversight departments, innovation or new media of TV channels or software developers and interactive marketing consultancies.

Will my child only be able to work in the video game industry?

Being trained in our school which focuses on highly technical video game careers, with a complete overview of business, also allows our students to apply for jobs in other employment sectors.

The closest sector in terms of skill set is the digital sector. The digital sector is present in all businesses, no matter their size. It represents 110 billion euros of GDP in France, more than agriculture and financial services (source: MKinsey) and 1,5 million jobs (source). This is why we have developed close ties with recruitment agencies for the digital sector such as digiRocks.

Though today we are unable to guess at the evolution of all jobs, our pedagogy is targeted at developing student’s autonomy, learning ability and “softskills” which are interpersonal relationship skills desired by all employers.

Your child will, therefore, thanks to G.BS, develop skills that will open up a maximum amount of opportunities and differentiation strengths within the sector in which he or she will implement these skills.

What is the 1st year immersion programme?

During October, our students will be immersed in the professional video game, serious games and numerical arts universe.

The programme :

  • Testimonials
  • Experience feedbacks
  • career conferences – to discover the different careers available to them.

We will present our method of teaching and coaching:

  • Career pathways development and internships
  • Acquisition of skills, know-how and learning to learn.

See the compte rendu of the immersion programme in 2018.

This will also be an opportunity to explain and to learn about group work (project-based learning). See the interview about project-based learning with our headmistress Valérie Dmitrovic.

How are projects organised? (workshops or sprint*) ?

There are multiple types of projects, that can take place over days, weeks and months. Each project is undertaken collectively by a group of students who are supported and guided by experts.

We use a problem and project-based approach developed by l’UCL (Catholic University of Louvain). This approach allows for the development of skills.

The large majority of our projects are undertaken in partnership with our partner firms, see some examples of projects here →.

Workshop ou sprint: these are ateliers uniting a group of students for a determined amount of time in order to lead a reflection on a given topic or to create a project whilst being coached by one of many experts, industry professional speakers, or professors, dependant on the nature of the project.

Who are the teachers that work at the school?

Our objective is to develop our students’ employability. Our teachers are in majority high-level industry professionals, who are currently working in the sector, lauded by their peers. They constantly update their learning content to follow the evolution of the market. they are equally involved throughout the curriculum via juries, workshops or “sprint” classes, masterclasses, conferences, or job meets.

Some of our subjects require professors who have a vast conceptual knowledge and have links with applied research (for example in sociology, economy, etc.)

Discover our industry professional teachers →.

In all cases, we train our teachers in active pedagogy and project-based learning so that they can:

  • Fully exploit their role as an encouraging and motivating expert and coach
  • Create practical projects in different professional contexts so that our students can acquire knowledge and skills
Are certain lessons given in English?

Yes, because the video game industry and innovative technology industries demand the mastery of the English language, as well as knowledge of an international working environment.

This is why one of our priorities is for your child to be able to speak English with ease (we will enable them to progress from their initial level). Our English teachers are all native speakers. A language isn’t learnt, as such, but practised: this is why speaking is the pillar of our language classes. 2/3 of class time in English is dedicated to listening and speaking, while the rest is dedicated to grammatical theory.

We work in the same way for the other languages we offer and prioritise conversation with native speakers.

Who are G.BS's partner enterprises?

We created G.BS for businesses and with businesses. Before creating G.BS we met with more than 100 businesses from the video game sector in order to understand their recruitment needs, which we applied to our ethos even before the school opened.

This is why today we have tight-knotted relationships with your child’s future employers

In this way, throughout their time at G.BS, your child with be in contact with more than 300 professionals :

  • 10 businesses are major partners in Gaming Campus
  • Each year more than 100 businesses visit Gaming Campus
  • At the end of February, we organise a special employability week
  • The entirety of our teachers are industry professionals
  • We centralise internship and professionalisation contract offers which keep in line with your child profile
  • We receive priority internship and sandwich course offers from our partner firms.

More information is available on our page dedicated to employability →.

How much is a year of G.BS?

The tuition fees for the bachelor’s degree are 8 050€ per year and for the master’s degree are 8 750€ per year.

How can the tuition fees be financed?

If you need, our banking partner Crédit Mutuel offers advantageous loan conditions to help you finance your child’s tuition fees:

  • A negotiated rate
  • repayment after studies
  • privileged support

Le branch of Crédit Mutuel “Lyon Gerland” is situated just next to gaming campus and is our closest contact point, allowing fluidity in your loan agreement and any other daily banking needs.

We also offer a payment system, of 3 instalments per year.

Your child can also finance their studies by:

  • Their paid internships
  • The professionalising work contracts
  • Junior enterprise

Finally, scholarship students can apply for a scholarship through our partners (based on a dossier).

What are the term dates?

The school year at G.BS starts at the beginning of October. The precise dates and time will be updated in June 2019.

Demandez un entretien avec Valérie Dmitrovic

Directrice G.B.S


In the heart of Lyon, Gaming Campus was conceived to create the optimal learning conditions adapted to the video game sector. It’s 1200m2 are dedicated to passion, professionalism and performance, with 10 work and living spaces.


The video game market is the number 1 sector of entertainment in the world, before music, cinema and sport. Created by education and video game industry professionals, Gaming Campus is a unique place which reveals talents and develops skills.

*Source : SuperData report 2017


In the presence of Mr Etienne Blanc (Vice-President of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region), Ms Karine Dognin-Sauze (Vice-Presidente of Grand Lyon) and Mr Samy Keffi-Jérôme (Regional Councillor of technology in charge of e-administration in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region).


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