15 décembre 2018

Alexandre Malsch joins the Gaming Campus Steering Committee


The founder and ex-president of Melty, but equally one of the first investors to have invested in esport, is joining the board of the first student campus dedicated to the gaming industry.

Paris, the 28th of May 2018 – Two months after the announcement of the October 2018 opening of Gaming Campus, Lyon, the first campus in Europe dedicated to training the future talent of the video game industry, Gaming Group announces the arrival of Alexandre Malsch as a Board Member of their steering committee.

Created by video game sector and education professionals, Alexandre Malsch will bring his expertise in infotainment, millennials and esport to Gaming Campus.

The meeting of a passion and a unique pedagogy

Recognised primarily as the founder and former president of the media group Melty, a leader in the millennial generation with around 30 million visitors per month, Alexandre Malsch is equally as renowned in the world of esport.

Since 2015 he has been one of the first french entrepreneurs to invest in this growing market. He firstly launched the melty eSport Club, an online platform designed for the passionate as well as the general public, which groups the news from the esport sector and a streaming service for esport programs and competitions. melty eSport Club then recruited its first esports athletes, amongst whom were a female team, and now has 35 professional players under contract. 

Combining the expertise of the infotainment group and the video game sector, Melty quickly became a well-known name amongst gamers.

After having quit the group he founded, in 2017 Alexandre Malsch became the Global Digital Manager of the brands Quiksilver et Roxy. With the desire to “lend his skills to the service of other groups”, he finds with Gaming Campus a sector that is rapidly growing and a now recognised esports discipline.

Gaming Campus’s mission is to respond to this growth in France and meet the recruitment needs, for talented future stars, and to encourage the public to play better and more.

Gaming Campus encompasses Gaming Business School – a management school accessible after high school or through admission by record, to educate students for the goals and careers of the video game industry; Gaming Academy – an esports study pathway which combines a performance-based program with an educative program in order to train future esports professionals; and Gaming Guru – a coaching service open to all to learn to play, progress and improve rankings with the help of star players.

The members of the steering committee are:

• Alexandre Dreyfus : CEO of Chiliz.io, co-founder of Winamax and Chilipoker

• Antoine Cohet : Head of Marketing and Communication France et Benelux at Electronic Arts

• Patrick Amiel : CEO Honey Lab, co-founder of Wengo – MyBestPro (Vivendi)

• Eric Boisson : CEO of the ZOL agency, co-founder Thinkfor and Houra.fr

• Alexandre Malsch : Founder and ex-Président of Melty, Global Digital Brand Manager for Quiksilver and Roxy

Some questions for Alexandre Malsch:

Why did you decide to join the steering committee of Gaming Campus ?

I am a big fan of esport, and an even bigger fan of Valérie, Jean-Baptiste, Thierry and of their project. With melty we had already been partners for many years. I am now very happy to join this Board and to follow this project and the talented teams that they have brought together with their original concept.

What is your opinion of this concept new to France and Europe?

I find it a brilliant idea to link the seriousness and the rigour of a high-level educational program with a rapidly growing sector like that of gaming. It is ever more empassioning and is becoming professionalised and therefore requires a very high level of excellence in order to stand out within it.

Taking into account your numerous experiences and expertise, how do you want to guide Gaming Campus?

I will share my experience with media and marketing with pleasure. But I am first and foremost there to learn from the Gaming Campus teams and the other members of the Board, all the while following this enthralling adventure with joy.

“We are proud to welcome Alexandre Malsch as a Gaming Campus board member. Beyond his experience and his skills, its a fabulous meeting of minds between Alexandre and the Gaming Campus team. The quality of our steering committee will allow us to mature and tackle our mission to rapidly create a key play in the video game sector” explains Thierry Debarnot, co-founder of Gaming Campus.

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