7 janvier 2019

Antoine Pourron - SEO

Professional speakers

Antoine Pourron teaches SEO (search engine optimisation) at Gaming Business School throughout the curriculum. Mr Pourron presents his job, his business and the projects that he has led with the G.BS students.

Antoine Pourron is an SEO & Analytics consultant in a digital strategies consultancy called Bolero in Lyon. After having worked for almost ten years in the SEO sector in an advertising agency, and having carried out various SEO services as an entrepreneur, he now uses his knowledge to create SEO and Analytics strategies with major clients.

What was the objective of your class and the class project?

The objective was to inform the students about the evolution of internet users search behaviour on search engines and how these search engines themselves work. From this analysis, the goal was to precisely define good practice to optimise a website for reference, as well as how to implement a long-term SEO strategy.

To respond to the needs of a website in optimising and defining its strategy students had to work on two important axes in the work of an SEO analyst.

  • The creation of a list of strategic keywords on which to position themselves
  • The completion of an optimising complete site audit as well as an audit of competitors
Un étudiant qui présente son projet

A student presenting their project

Slide d'une présentation

A presentation slide

Which qualificative results were obtained?

Thanks to this project and to the work of the students, an exhaustive list of keywords representative of the sector has allowed knowledge of the positioning of the site on Google, knowledge of the competitors and therefore an adaptation of the SEO strategy prioritising the themes and pages to work on.

In addition to this, an SEO audit carried out on the site which students were attempting to optimise allowed the detection and rapid correction of errors and foreseeable evolutions to encourage good SEO practice.

A large majority of these recommendations will be put into place little by little on the client’s website in order to improve the website’s referencing in the short, middle and long term.

And how were our students?

The students were all very interested in the project, especially as it contained a very concrete aspect of optimising a website and the creation of a digital strategy. They knew how to correctly analyse the documents provided and knew how to use different online tools to find improvable elements, to define the basis of the SEO strategy and to respond to the needs of the client. Finally, the presentations within the oral examinations were very professional and were representative of the quality of the work that the students provided throughout this week-long project.

Antoine Pourron et les étudiants

Antoine Pourron and the students

More generally, what can you tell us about this type of project-based learning?

This method of project-based learning is very interesting and pertinent as the students are plunged into a precise subject and have to put themselves in the shoes of professionals. Following the acquisition of knowledge at the beginning of the project, they are very quickly given responsibility and must work on a report and a presentation like they will have to do in a few years when they find themselves on the professional scene.

The debriefings carried out at the end of the week allowed them to receive real feedback targeted on elements to improve and elements that were positive. This allowed them to understand the reality of different jobs and the expectations of organisations.

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