15 décembre 2018

Audric Guigon - IT Engineer

Professional speakers

Audric Guigon will teach throughout the Gaming Business School and Gaming Academy courses about IT development (website creation, integration, development, project management). Mr Guigon presents his job, his business and talks about the interest that G.BS and G.A hold for the video game sector.

Audric Guigon was a R&D engineer for 6 years at an internet advertising start-up (Adways S.A.S). He then specialised in cloud solutions, notably around those of Amazon (AWS). He has now created his own high tech cloud solutions consultancy (Solution Cloud).

What does your job consist of?

I am a Solutions Architect specialised in Cloud technologies. I accompany my clients before and during their projects in order to set up a cloud infrastructure that is adapted to their needs and following their budget, and security performance and service availability constraints. The Cloud has often been talked over the last few years and the main goals are to create a solution with very large quantities of data. Today, the majority of my clients are stakeholders in video gaming or advertising.

From the specification of their needs to the analysis of their data, my objective is to show them the services that are best adapted to them and to permit them to work in the most efficient way without having to worry about the capacities of their infrastructure. In the same way as an architect for a building developer, I engage with commercial entities and entrepreneurs as well as with development teams, data scientists and ergonomists or graphic designers in order to design the final project, to offer them good problem solvers for any issues they may face or train them for the technologies that they will use.


What are the qualities necessary to work in the sector?

To stand out in the video game sector, I feel that it is indispensable to be:

Curious and passionate: It is difficult to attract attention in the sector if one is not constantly observing.

Pragmatic: Game developments are becoming longer and more complex and often have large international teams. In order to manage a project until the end, without being overtaken, it is necessary to make the right choices at the right times in order to be the most efficient possible.

Organised et rigorous: It is really very vital for each project to approach each phase of development in the correct order, without pushing anything to the background that could have massive consequences in the long term if they have been badly dealt with initially.

Communicative and watchful: Knowing how to manage teams skillfully and stimulate everyone is indispensable in optimising your team’s performance.

Human and a good listener: It is important for a manager to be able to question themselves, to accept both positive and negative feedback in order to address any issue before it really even becomes one. A good idea can come from anywhere, anyone and at any time, one must just be attentive.

About Solution Cloud

After 6 years as an R&D engineer: responsible for the back office development and infrastructures for an organisation specialised in interactive video, I really wanted to make my experience available to various high tech projects.

I created Solution Cloud in September 2017 in order to share my knowledge on Cloud technologies. A service business specialised in Amazon Web Services (AWS), I accompany all businesses who need an exterior point of view or advice on their infrastructures. Whether it be on zero downtime migrations , optimisations (performance or cost), automatisation of infrastructure, continued development and deployment, methodologies of development (scrum, continued integration, extreme programming, etc.), the formation of teams of different services, infrastructure audit (security, backups, monitoring, availability, etc.) setting up big data solutions, data analysis or simply a guide to approve critical choices.

I am particularly attracted by high traffic and volumes of data in international environments as well as “serverless” technologies which allow us to considerably improve the efficiency and stability of infrastructures without having to allocate/configure/maintain machines which are not in constant use. These technologies also allow us to reduce the costs of infrastructure and the human workforce costs so that teams can concentrate 100% on their jobs and not on maintenance.

AWS services

Why do you think that a management school dedicated to the video game sector is necessary, important or indispensable?

Video games are a specialised environment which is evolving very quickly and in which the players in the sector need to be able to discuss in a common language. We already have the best technicians (engineers and graphic designers) renowned worldwide thanks to the dedicated training that they have received.

It is very often oriented training around projects that allow us to understand all of the aspects of this milieu. We remark on it elsewhere by looking at the number of competitive exams dedicated to technical schools.

It is evident that there is currently a lack of managers who have this visibility when they leave their training and these profiles are very attractive for businesses who want to recruit young graduates. In order to break through into the video game sector, training in a place such as Gaming Business School is indispensable for any new student that wants to make their way.

Why is the G.BS programme interesting for the sector?

Proposing a specialised training program around complete projects with a real objective allows students to more enter easily into the world of video games. Whether it be to show their knowledge through their creations or to communicate with the teams that they’ll be working with.

G.B.S. is in direct contact with lots of sector shareholders which guarantees them undeniable notoriety from the beginning of their career. Knowing how to manage can be learnt in many schools, but to know the quirks of the video game industry before starting can be learnt uniquely at G.BS.

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