15 décembre 2018

Jean-Baptiste Gabellieri - E-Commerce Manager

Professional speakers

Jean-Baptiste Gabellieri will be teaching business applied data analysis at Gaming Business School throughout the curriculum. Mr Gabellieri presents his job, business and the interest that G.BS brings to the digital sector.

Jean-Baptiste Gabellieri was a Data Manager at Adictiz, a mobile game publisher whose most well-known game is “Paf le Chien”. He is now an E-Commerce Manager for the Shopix brand.

What does your job consist of?

I am an E-Commerce Manager in the retail sector for Shopix. My job principally consists of:

– Analysing numbers (sales, publicity campaigns, user behaviours…) in order to make good decisions whilst aiming to grow revenue.

Drive technical and commercial improvements which in the long term allow more efficient work and development.

Initiate transverse projects within the rest of the business in order to reduce the holes between the different sales channels.

The pragmatic approach, through numbers, that I like to implement, is adaptable for all business sectors, starting with where I earnt my stripes as a Data Manager at Adictiz.

Paf le Chien Trailer from Adictiz :

What qualities are necessary to work in the sector?

The character traits that I look for in a candidate are the following:

A mind for synthesis: in order to rapidly identify the real performance indicators of activity, and not get too bogged down in the overabundance of data that invades our lives on a daily basis.

Realism and simplicity: an ambitious project needs to have solid foundations, houses of cards don’t function in the long term.

Prudence: Haste often leads to errors, one must know how to be calm and patient before making a decision.

Patience and perseverance: have the conviction that efforts, if well led, pay off.

Curiosity and a technical appetite: without an understanding of the issues and constraints, it is difficult to hope to be of value.

About Shopix

Shopix is the French leader in mobile-shopping retail in rural zones. 20 trucks cross the country for 15000 annual sales in communes that are supplied with catalogues through their letterboxes. In total, 54 million catalogues are distributed per year. 75% of people who live in a village with less than 1000 inhabitants receive at least 1 Shopix catalogue in the year.

In parallel, the business has a network of 20 shops in metropolitan France, a distribution network in the DOM-TOM’s and an e-commerce site which brings in 10% of the business’s turnover.

Camion Shopix

Why do you think that a management school dedicated to the video game sector is necessary, important or indispensable?

The video game sector and that more specifically of esports needs executives adept at allying “business sense” with “knowledge of those used to the sector”.

It is also a formidable opportunity for those who are passionate about video games to learn through this medium and to construct a professional value for themselves. Individual success in such a globalised sector is no small affair and requires an enormous amount of practical, linguistic and interpersonal skills. The pedagogical approach of a school helps to ensure that all of these aspects are worked upon, to be able to easily meet all of the demands of the sector.

Why are the G.B.S courses interesting for the video games sector?

Project-based learning with professional speakers is an accelerator to individual creation. G.BS graduates will have the opportunity to realistically and quickly interject into the sector, through projects and internships, where other schools may have restricted their student’s progress in this sector. They will leave the school toughened up by the multiplicity of their experiences, by the development of their professional network, and by the specificity of their knowledge acquired through their classes and in the field experiences.

Beyond the video gaming sector, the G.BS curriculum is sufficiently rich and diverse for its students to be able to navigate themselves into other sectors. Jobs are only divided by the past, and it is important to be able to recruit people who keep up to date with market evolutions, and who know how to use new levels of growth within the business.

As an anecdote, at Shopix our graphic designer joins us from a year-long entrepreneurial adventure on the streaming service Twitch, thanks to which she has been able to build much confidence in herself. This type of experience is becoming more and more easy to highlight in an interview situation if it is accompanied by practical skills.

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