15 décembre 2018

Sébastien Branche - Investment Fund Founder

Professional speakers

Sébastien Branche will be teaching throughout the  Gaming Business School curriculum. Mr Branche talks to us about his business and the interest that G.BS brings to the video game industry.

Sébastien Branche created a multimedia studio (Evercom studio) and has notably participated in the creation of video campaigns for major gaming stakeholders. He is currently the co-founder of Sbra Consulting, an investment fund specialising in the video game and esport industries.

What does your job consist of?

I accompany creators/business founders in the digital and media domains, particularly within video games. I help entrepreneurs in their investment search, but I also work as a mirror effect on their strategy, their development or their business plan.

A large number of studio creators are often in the position in which they sometimes need to slowly unpack in order to open new doors. It is my job to help them.

A quick word about Sbra Consulting

Sbra Consulting is an investment fund whose goal is to invest in the video game and esport sector.

What are the qualities necessary to work in the video game sector?

Before anything else, a deep passion for this time consuming and stressful job is necessary. A sort of 360 vision of things, and if I were to focus on creators, I’d say an ability to reevaluate, to redirect, and to go off the beaten path.

Why do you think a management school dedicated to the video game industry is important, necessary or indispensable?

Throughout my professional life as an investor, the video game universe has been very present. I’ve seen my fair share of glory and bad luck of numerous studios and their founders. I know the business of studio and game creation well, especially as I accompany them in their financing search. I’ve often remarked that they lacked a real vision of the business of games.

When Valérie Dmitrovic spoke to me about her project Gaming Business School I immediately signalled my enthusiasm. There was a real need to give the major industrial entertainment sector of video games a choice of place within the French, European and global landscape.

Investisseur jeu video

Why is the G.BS curriculum important within the sector?

The curriculum at G.BS will bring fundemental management and business skills to those passsionate about the world of video gaming. It is exactly these type of people that are missing in the pure player section of the sector. They will also have more credibility to investors. I also hope that the G.BS training program will give some students an entrepreneurial desire and skills and that they’ll ask Sbra Consulting to accompany them.

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