6 janvier 2019

Séverine Schumacher - Management of Innovation

Professional speakers

Séverine Schumacher teaches market research and management of innovation throughout the curriculum at Gaming Business School. Ms Schumacher talks to us about her job, her business and the projects she has led with our G.BS students.

Séverine Schumacher is the founder of Efficens, a company specialising in the management of innovation since 2006. Efficens has accompanied large industrial groups as well as small and medium-sized businesses in their innovation projects: from conception to market release.

What was the objective of your class and your project?

I shared my knowledge on two themes :

  • Market research to help the 1st and 3rd-year students with the project for the integration of the French Federation of Esports into the Auvergne Rhone Alpes.
  • Management of innovation with the 4th years, in relation to their considerable innovation in the video game sector project.

Which qualificative results were obtained?

The final products, which were built through the advancement of the project, allowed students to show their passion in material form, as well as to allow regular and progressive feedback on the efforts that they have put into their projects.

Mme Schumacher brief les étudiants

Ms Schumacher briefing the students

Soutenance devant Stephan Euthine Président France esports

Oral in front of  Stephan Euthine – President of France esports

And how were our students?

The students, who were very motivated from the start of the project, very quickly understood that a large amount of personal learning would be necessary. Possessing the knowledge on which they will rely to construct their projects is an essential element for the success of project-based learning.

In the actual creation of their projects, they are building their knowledge throughout by making and correcting their own errors. These are important steps that bring many new skills that they can reuse while finalising their projects.

All of the students made different levels of errors, but all knew how to bounce back in order to carry on. This is, in my opinion, the most important element of project-based learning.

Etudiants G.BS pendant leur présentation

G.BS students during their presentations

More generally, could you give us your opinion on project-based learning?

Project-based learning is interesting because it leads the students to continually question their choices, discover and work collectively. It’s an active method in which the student learns by actions while keeping a link with the real business world.

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