15 décembre 2018

Sonia Findling - Opera Singer

Professional speakers

Sonia Findling will be a part of the curriculum throughout Gaming Business School. Ms Findling will talk about her atypical career path and how she will improve our students’ public speaking in all situations.

Sonia Findling has been an opera singer for more than 20 years, and notably sung for 17 years with the Lyon National Opera. She now works as a vocal coach for professionals and students.

Sonia, you are an artist, but also a public speaking coach, could you tell us a little more about yourself?

I have had a fairly atypical career path. I am an opera singer with a passion for jazz and musical comedy. I discovered singing and the stage in England while participating in a musical. Upon my return to France and after a degree in English and Language Sciences, I decided to work on my voice. I obtained by “medaille d’or” and did my national operatic course in Marseille. After that, everything happened very quickly. I joined various opera houses, the Lyon Opera, Le Chatelet and vocal groups, in particular, the Musicians of Louvre-Grenoble, L’Ensemble Barbaroque and Les Siècles Romantiques.

Following that, I have equally had the opportunity to hold roles, experiences that considerably enriched me as an actress but also a vocal coach. My passion for the voice and oratory arts lead me to follow a course at Coaching Voix-Off in Paris and at l’École de la Voix in Annecy (public speaking, art of listening) and to develop knowledge and original techniques that I pass on to my students to allow them to capture their audience and improve their leadership.

Here is Sonia Findling in the play “La complainte des fous”

Sonia Findling lors de la pièce la complainte des fous

What will you teach at G.BS?

“We are born poets, we become orators”, as Cicero said. I am convinced, and I promise, that anyone can become a good orator, including those most introverted.

Obviously, that depends on the motivation, desire and complimentary personal work that the students undertake. This is complementary to everything that I will share with them.

Cicero also said that the “orator should desire a beautiful voice”. Singing voice development is like that of a sporting discipline. It requires a larger amount of energy than that of the spoken voice.

Also, surprising as it may seem, there is a common technical basis that allows, while passing from one to another to discover one’s own voice, to enrich it, so that it is, while speaking in public, the perfect reflection (the perfect incarnation) of your thoughts for an optimum impact on your audience.

You often say that President Barack Obama was one of the greatest orators. Why?

In effect, what is most noticeable, is that he has mastered all of the elements of a good orator, such as the looks and gestures, the humour, the silences, the quality of the voice, but equally all of the rhetorical effects that hit home and aid comprehension! But I won’t say everything today!

His farewell speech is an example that I often give my students:

It is on all of these qualities that we will work, through concrete projects which will lead them to be able to support themselves whilst speaking in public.

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