15 décembre 2018

Thibaut - 1st year in a Masters of Video Game and Esports Management - specialising in Entrepreneurism


Thibault is 22 and joins us from an engineering school. He is currently in his 1st year in Masters of Video Game and Esports Management, specialising in Entrepreneurism 

He considered leaning towards the technology sector but finally decided on a transition into a school of commerce.

Today that gives him a double-faceted advantage to undertake a career path that he is working on at G.BS.

Video games have been a passion since he was little and he wants to be proactive in regards to his education, his future industry and his future career.

Project-based learning is a working style that the school offers that really appealed to him.

To describe G.BS in the words he says passion, innovation et conviviality.

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