Terms & Conditions

Personal Data

Gaming Group commits itself to the Informatique et Libertés laws and collects and manages your data in accordance with this.

Each form limits the collection of personal data to that which is strictly necessary and clearly indicates:

  • The objective of the collection of this data (aim)
  • If this data is necessary or facultative for the management of your request
  • Who can access this data (solely the CNIL in principle, unless stated otherwise within the form that your data will be sent elsewhere, and only if it is strictly necessary for the management of your request.
  • Your “Informatique et Libertés” (Freedom and technology) rights, according to the guidelines given by the CNIL (rights of refusal, access and correction)  (droits d’oppositiond’accès et de rectification) and the manner of the undertaking by Gaming Group. You can also define the treatment of your data after your death.

Personal data collected within the framework of the services proposed by www.cnil.fr are transmitted and conserved according to secured protocols; they are not conserved longer than the duration necessary for the management of the statutory tasks of Gaming Group.

Gaming Group has technological means which permit the management of the requests it receives, notably at the contact address contact@gamingcampus.fr

For all information about this subject or the exercising of your “Informatique et Libertés” rights on the files managed by Gaming Group, you can contact their Technology and Freedoms Correspondent by email at contact@gamingcampus.fr.

Length of conservation of data

Lengths of administrative use (DUA) applicable to the main procedure managed by Gaming Group. The DUA covers the length of conservation in active databases and internal archives.

For all of the procedures below the length of conservation is 3 years after the closing of the dossier:

  • Information request through the CNIL
  • Documentation request
  • Information meeting sign up
  • Admissions application form
  • Exchanges via instant messenger
  • Registration to the newsletter

These terms and conditions are inspired by those of the CNIL.

Updated 08/02/19